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The yoke is placed around the necks of two oxen

If you were joined to someone 24/7 even for just a day you’d surely learn a lot about them wouldn’t you? What would it be like to be joined to Jesus for a day, a week or even longer? Jesus said, “Take my yoke upon you.”

No, not the yellow part of the egg but the frame worn on the neck of Oxen to control it as it plows. Jesus wants you to be joined, yoked, with Him to learn of Him. He isn’t forcing you to take it. It’s your choice. When you take His yoke upon you, you are joined with Him and therefore you submit to Him so He can direct your steps. If He turns right, you go right. You get the picture.

He knows about you, too! All your pain, heartache and all that is weighing you down through the burden of sin. As you learn of Him, you will find rest ~ not from your labors ~ but IN your labors. You’ll learn that meekness (meekness is not weakness) means to be moldable, teachable so you can be humble. No ego trip, no power trip, no pride.

Jesus offers us an amazing opportunity to be yoked with Him. And that's no joke!

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