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Updated: Nov 9, 2019

CAKES, DANISHES, BREADS OR ANY BAKERY PRODUCT, I love them all! They contribute to my physical need but they have no bearing on my spiritual need. The Lord supplies our "Daily Bread" in every aspect of our life, even the spiritual side. Let's say you were making a 'special' dish for a loved one. You're all excited to please them. You prep the ingredients with a happy heart. As you cut up the veggies and create a sauce you're thinking, "She's going to love this dish special dish!" You start to sauté everything, cook everything, and everything turns out perfectly. As the aroma wafts through the room you plate it up, ready to serve. COME AND GET IT!

Suddenly, your loved turns to you, looks at this specially created dish and says. "Meh! I think I'll eat something else." After all you did to prepare a special dish, how would your heart feel? Our Lord has prepared a special love story for us to feed on called, the Bible. Yet, we look at it and go. "Meh! I think I'll watch something on TV instead." The Lord Jesus has prepared a feast for our daily lives between the pages of the Bible but we'd rather 'feast' elsewhere.

When we pray, "Give us this daily bread," are we actually willing to feast upon His words? Everything we need to know pertaining to life and godliness is between the pages if we just open it up and eat!

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